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Planning a wedding? Want to make it the most memorable event of the year? A photo booth for your wedding can provide entertainment and memories that will last your family and friends a lifetime. Still unsure? Here are some reasons you should consider hiring an open-air photo booth for your Sydney wedding.

Reasons for a wedding photo booth hire in Sydney

  • Fun and entertainment

A wedding photo booth will provide an interactive way for your guests to create memories and have a good time. They can strike a pose, dress up in props and make silly faces while capturing memories that will last a lifetime. A photo booth is also an easy way to add fun and excitement to your wedding and keep your guests entertained long after the speeches end.

  • Memories

A photo booth for your wedding is a great way to create memories you and your guests will cherish for years. Your guests can take home a physical reminder of your special day, and you’ll have a collection of photos that you can look back on for years to come. You could even create a memory book where your guests can paste the photos they’ve taken alongside a nice message to the bride and groom. 

  • Versatility

Wedding photo booths can be set up anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. They can also be customised to fit your wedding theme or style.

Inclusions when you hire a wedding photo booth

When you hire a wedding photo booth in Sydney, the service typically includes a photo booth, props, and a photo booth attendant to ensure everything runs smoothly. Some photo booth services may also offer custom backdrops, photo albums, and the option to print, text, or email photos. At Open Air Photo Booth Sydney, our hires include:


  • Awesome props

  • Facebook gallery

  • Pixieset gallery hosting

  • Instant printing

  • Delivery and setup

  • Free early setup

  • Double prints

  • Unlimited prints

  • Friendly attendant

  • Complimentary standard backdrop


Check out our custom backdrops and flower walls. Our proudly Australian-made and designed open-air photo booths also come with modern touchscreen operation, a professional Canon Digital SLR, and flash lighting for consistently beautiful images.

Rules around photo booth use

Before hiring a photo booth for your Sydney wedding, ask about any rules or policies regarding photo booth use. Some photo booth companies may restrict the number of people in a photo, the length of time a guest can use the booth or the use of props.


At Open Air Photo Booth Sydney, we pride ourselves on customer service and transparency to deliver the best photo booth experience possible without breaking the bank.

How to hire a photo booth for your wedding

When hiring a wedding photo booth in Sydney, choosing a reputable company that provides a high-quality service is important. Consider the following factors when selecting a photo booth company:

  • Reputation — Look for a photo booth company with a good reputation and positive reviews from previous clients. You can find reviews on the company’s website, Google or social media.

  • Experience — Choose a company with extensive experience in supplying wedding photo booths to ensure your booth will be set up professionally and run smoothly.


  • Options — Look for a company that offers a variety of options, such as different backdrops, props, and print sizes. This will allow you to customise your photo booth to fit your wedding theme or style.

  • Quality — Look for a company that uses high-quality equipment and technology to ensure your photos look great.

Discover the best open-air wedding photo booth hire in Sydney

Open Air Photo Booth is a trusted and experienced Sydney photo booth services provider. We offer a wide range of options, including custom backdrops, props, delivery and setup, and a friendly photo booth attendant to ensure that everything runs without a hitch. 


We also commit to quality, making our photo booths great for your wedding. Plus, our photo booths use the latest technology and produce high-quality prints, ensuring that your memories can be cherished for years to come.

Give your guests a night to remember with Open Air Photo Booth Sydney! Contact our professional and friendly team today to get started and reserve your date.


  • What are the services that you offer?
    As the name may imply, we offer end-to-end photo booth rental services. Beyond bringing a friendly team and setting up a photo booth at your event, we can design your backdrop, customise your photo strip and create unique props to create a unique photo booth experience! At Open Air Photo Booth, we want to capture every moment and ensure it matches your design. We offer photo booth backdrop customisation, where you can send in your design ideas so we can make it happen. If you’re in a rush, we also have a variety of backdrop templates ready to go. Take customisation one step further and have your photo strip design personalised to complement your style. Make your own design or choose from a wide selection of our pre-made templates. We even offer high-quality PVC props that you can customise to completely ensure your photo booth rental experience is one-of-a-kind! Add quirky text for your guests to take photos with and remember your event.
  • What are your photo booth packages?
    Open Air Photo Booth has three packages for events both big and small. Our three main packages are: $900 for 3 hours $1,000 for 4 hours $1,100 for 5 hours All our packages come with the same features, with the only difference being the number of hours we’ll stay at your event. Check out our list of photo booth rental packages to see a detailed breakdown of our inclusions. If you want us to stay longer, contact our team and we’ll provide you with a quote!
  • Do you also have themed backdrops?
    Yes! At Open Air Photo Booth, we want your photos to reflect your event’s memorable design. Beyond our standard photo booth backdrop options, we also offer flower walls and customisable backdrops. Shoot our team a message if you have something in mind and we’ll do our best to make it happen!
  • How do I know which service is perfect for my event?
    The best package for your event will depend on how long it goes on and any program you may have. If you have a rigid program where guests are only allowed to roam for a particular amount of time, you may want a package that conforms to their free time. If you have a program that goes on into the night, you may want to opt for a bigger package. When it comes to customisation and other optional inclusions, think about the theme of the event and see if they match. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our gallery of past events.
  • Why should I book your photobooth for my upcoming event?
    At Open Air Photo Booth, we aim to be one of the top photo booths for rent in Australia. Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing a hassle-free experience, letting you enjoy your event while preserving your memories in the background. It's our mission to bring people together to celebrate love, friendship, and achievement, all while capturing every moment.
  • How do I book or inquire about your packages?
    If you’re looking for photo booths for rent, look no further than Open Air Photo Booth. Contact our team today via or give us a call at 0412 796 348!
  • Do you give digital photos?
    Yes, besides the unlimited images we print on-site, our service includes hosting all your digital photos online through a password-protected gallery. You and your guests can view and access them on Facebook or Open Air’s Pixieset website.
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