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3 reasons why photo booth pictures will always bring a smile to your guest's faces

Why do people love photo booth pictures so much? We don’t know; there’s most likely some physiological explanation that would take up hundreds of pages. What we do know, though, is that they bring a smile to people’s faces.

There’s just something retro about the whole thing isn’t there?

Obviously, you’d be mad to reminisce about the old enclosed booths that just screamed claustrophobia; we’re talking about an open air photo booth.

That retro touch, with room to be creative. In the end, you get the same result, a photo strip of fond memories.


Let’s get this straight; a photo booth isn’t meant to replace a professional photographer, on the contrary; it works in tandem. Photo booth pictures will capture those silly, little, spontaneous moments and leave your photographer to capture those big moments.


According to the 1998 National Representative Sample introverts make up about 50% of the general population. Going by the law of averages, you’re sure to have more than a few at your next event so giving them an alternative to having a big old camera shoved in their face will go down a treat.

They can show their excitement and love for by way of photo booth pictures, in their time and on their terms.

A Step back into the old world

Everybody’s a photographer nowadays, and we’ve all got the ability to hold literally millions of photos on our handheld devices. There’s just something about having those photo strips instantly printed and in hand for review that puts a beaming smile on the faces of those involved.

So, to let us help you keep that smile on your guests faces long after your event has finished, email us at

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