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5 easy day to night makeup tips

easy makeup tips

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that first week back at work is getting ever closer. No matter how much you love your job it's never as good as time off.

So, whilst you'll still be in party mode after the holidays (and rightly so) here's a few day to night makeup tips that'll save you time and keep the festive cheer going!

1. Keep two lip shades on hand: Having two different lip colors available for the office and for your nightlife can really help with enhancing your fashion.

There are certain colors which may not be office appropriate and sometimes adding a bit of red lipstick on your way out of the office can really give you the confidence to take on some fun adventures in the evening!

2. Try morning makeup that will be a good base: Making sure that your morning makeup will serve as a base for your evening makeup can take some thought.

Be sure that you put primer under your foundation to ensure that the color will last all through the day. Having neutral eye shadow can really help you to build with your day and night makeup as well.

3. Adopt a more natural look: With a bit of accident black mascara and fairly neutral lip tones, you can be prepared for a look that is subtle yet appropriate for day to night makeup.

Adopting a look that is fairly subtle can help you get into an easier routine.

4. Always go darker for the evening: Rather than having to remove extra layers of makeup it's much easier to darken shadows and go a little more bold in the evening.

While everyone can be a little different in their fashion sense it's much easier to add a darker color such as more mascara or liner as well as a darker lip tone than trying to remove makeup and go lighter.

5. Don't be afraid to use your fingers: It can be difficult to apply makeup for day to night without all of your brushes and the tools you might have in your home bathroom.

Using your fingers to add darker liner or smudge in makeup can be an excellent tool to learn for transitioning day to night makeup.

Get out there and keep the party going!

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