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Happy New Year from Open Air Photo Booth!

Open Air Photo Booth Sydney

And we’re back! How have you been Sydney? We’re rested and ready for another year of capturing those special little moments in life.

We sincerely hope that your break was filled with laughs, love and special memories and that the return to work hasn’t been too hectic for you.

It’s going to take some time to ease back into the swing, so don’t push yourself too hard.

The new year is synonymous with fresh starts aplenty, and we’re no different.

Just like you, we’re committed to bettering ourselves so that we can offer a better service to you, our wonderful customers.

Whether it be your special day, engagement party, birthday party or even a corporate function, Open Air Photo Booth will be there to add that little bit extra to your event, without taking the shine away from you of course!

And Sydney, just because you’re back at work, that doesn’t mean the fun has to

stop. Australia day is just around the corner!

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