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Photobooth or no photobooth for my wedding?

5 convincing reasons to get a photobooth which you haven’t thought about for your wedding.

You’re probably thinking, “Do I really need a photobooth at my wedding party? Lately photobooths have been the biggest craze amongst weddings and rightly so.

Here are 5 must have reasons to have a photobooth you haven’t thought about.

1. Can you be everywhere all at once?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the wedding party lasted more than 5 hours so you could spend quality time with each and every guest that has made the effort to celebrate the memorable night with you. If you’ve been to a wedding before, you’ll have remembered that there’s a lot of downtime between speeches and meals and the bridal party are always busy. A photobooth is there to entertain your guests and keep them excited through-out the evening. Remember you can’t be everywhere all at once.

2. Missed Memories

Sure, you could set up a backdrop and leave guests with some quirky props to take snaps with their phones, but what about all those great shots you’ll never get to see. Most photobooth companies these days provide free gallery hosting, post-event meaning you’ll get to see all the crazy photobooth pictures from the evening in an online album.

3. Not everyone is a Dancer

Not every guest wants to pop-out the ‘Smooth Criminal’ dance routine on the dance floor. Some guests appreciate the option of taking pictures with their loved ones and friends they haven’t seen in a while. Photobooths are opportunities for people to reconnect, create new memories and express themselves in unimaginable ways. Remember, not everyone is a dancer.

4. Prints are memorable gifts

Do you still have that hilarious photostrip hanging on your fridge door from Sarah and John’s wedding three years ago? Photostrips are take-home keepsakes, filled with memories of laughter and joy. Give your guests a memorable gift from your wedding that they can keep forever.

5. Age doesn’t matter in the photobooth

Not everyone gets excited hearing the DJ crank your favourite ‘Usher’ or ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ song but that shouldn’t stop the fun from being had. A photobooth is perfect for guests of any age. The kids and the seniors will love posing for pictures, because everybody loves a selfie.

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