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5 of the best New Year’s Eve cocktails

So, here you find yourself once again.

Christmas is over for another year and you find yourself in that period that separates Christmas and New Year where you don’t know what day it is and what you’re supposed to be doing.

It would be fine but you’ve decided to throw a New Year’s Eve bash this year. Not to worry, we’ve got the drinks covered with some fun and easy cocktails that’ll leave your guests salivating.

1. Confetti martinis

New Years Eve Cocktails

These specialty drinks are ideal for New Year's parties because they are bright and they can be very sweet. To get started just get your hands on some martini glasses and rim them with corn syrup. Once the corn syrup has stuck to the edges you can use coloured sugar to stick around the outside of the glass. Pour 3 ounces of almond milk, 2 ounces of spiced rum, 2 ounces of butterscotch schnapps and a dash of vanilla with ice cubes in a shaker and this will create the martini.

2. Strawberry peach sangria

New Years Eve Cocktails

Mixing together strawberries and peaches in a large punch bowl with champagne and letting it soak in the fridge for an hour or two can result in a delicious sangria punch..

3. Red velvet

New Years Eve Cocktails

Instead of black velvet you can use champagne and a raspberry limbic wheat beer to create a delicious cocktail. 2 ounces of framboise limbic, half an ounce of raspberry liquor and 2oz of champagne can produce a wonderful cocktail.

4. Cinnamon kick

New Years Eve Cocktails

This shot is fairly easy to produce. Rim a shot glass with powdered cinnamon, shake tequila over ice and garnish the shots with an orange slice. The cinnamon can completely change the flavour of the tequila.

5. Rasberry lemonade spritzer

New Years Eve Cocktails

Start with raspberries in a glass and pour raspberry lemonade into the glass around halfway. Use pink champagne to top up that glass and provide a little kick.

From all of us at Open Air Photo Booth we wish you a happy and healthy new year!

schnapps and a dash of vanilla with ice cubes in a shaker and this will create the martini.

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