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How a flower wall can bring that WOW factor to your next event

flower wall sydney

You’ve invited everyone, you’ve booked the entertainment, you’ve made all of those seating arrangements so that every table has balance, avoiding awkwardness between clashing personalities, but you feel like something is missing.

Maybe you are missing something.

Why don’t you plug that gap with a flower wall?

Gaining popularity with weddings and engagement parties, a flower wall is a versatile feature that can bring a touch of elegance to any function.

Working in conjunction with a photo booth, it acts as a captivating backdrop that can transform your pictures into a different place and time.

Of course, flower walls can function without the assistance of a photo booth. Think of it, a one off designed grand scale piece of art that really gets the theme of your event across and acts as a focal point for your room.

We all want something a little different at our event. And while they’re on trend right now, every flower wall can bring something different to each event.

At Open Air Photo Booth, we believe that flower walls are here to stay, and that’s just fine with us because there’s nothing more that we like then to have a full creative license in making your event as spectacular as possible.

If you want to add that little something extra to your next event, email us at

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