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Here're 3 interesting party themes that you’ve probably never heard of

party themes

As we move ever closer to summer, the party animal in all of us starts to shed off its winter coat and look for excuses to have a bash.

So if you’re stuck for ideas, or just don’t want to be cliché, then here’s 3 party themes that’ll make you look like a trendsetter.

1. Wizard Staff Party

This one depends on your crowd, but it’s not for the faint hearted! Rules are as follows: every time you consume a canned beverage (preferably a VB!) you tape it to the rest of your finished beverages, thus creating a staff.

The bigger your staff, the higher class of wizard you are. Be sure to encourage wizard duels.

Do you ally with Sauron or help the Fellowship on their way to Mordor?

2. Your old teachers

It’s been a decade since you graduated but there’s always those teachers that you still make fun of, so why not go dressed as one of them?

If you need inspiration, think back to the awkward science teacher who was a bit of a hippy or your old PE teacher who would have been a professional footballer if only his coach would have put him on in the second half of that Grand Final.

3. The bargain bin

You’re only allowed to come in an outfit that costs a total of $10. Leave your guests with plenty of notice for this one as it’s going to take no small amount of shopping.

The night will turn out to be more of a ‘bad style party’ but as long as everybody looks stupid together then that’s all that matters.

Don’t forget to capture it all with a photo booth

You’ll have photos from people’s phones but having a photo booth with adequately selected props is an excellent way to emphasise a whole host of party themes.

Email us at and capture those moments in a way that traditional photography just can’t.

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