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Want to celebrate Melbourne Cup day a little differently? Incorporate a photo booth into your Melbou

Melbourne Cup party decorations

Doing something different when it comes to a Melbourne Cup party is neigh on impossible (pardon the pun). You make sure you’ve got plenty of beer and wine in, make sure there’s a big TV and then put on the obligatory sweepstakes and if you’re really into the spirit of things a “best dressed” competition that the ladies love so much.

Same thing you did last year. It’s all a bit drab.

A photo booth can give your event the edge

They’re not just for weddings you know, and when every other pub owner on the street is doing the same thing, if you say you’ve got a photo booth at your establishment for the day then that’ll give you the edge.

Why? Because you’re giving them something more than just the humdrum approach and if you have it working in tandem with a “best dressed” prize then all the better.

A photo booth will keep punters there long after the big race

Let’s be honest, how many people actually go out for Melbourne Cup and just stay for the big race? It’s all about the celebration that follows, so having a photo booth with your Melbourne Cup party decorations is a sure fire way to keep people at your establishment with no need for them to look elsewhere.

Why not add a few suitable props to the equation as well?

If you want to stand out from the crowd on the first Tuesday of November then, Email us at

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