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Add a unique touch to celebrations with foam signage in Sydney

Foam signage sydney

Special occasions deserve special attention! Be it a wedding, engagement, birthday, festival or just any other special day, going that extra mile by adding special elements is what makes it unique and memorable.

Today, it is possible to add a number of creative design and décor ideas to special occasions, that not just look beautiful but also leave an impact on the onlookers. Also, putting in that extra effort gives an occasion a personal touch, which is always appreciated.

Foam is a versatile material that can be shaped and decorated easily. Foam signage in Sydney has received a great response for the uniqueness and creativity that it adds to any occasion.

Not just for the kids!

Logos and signage made from foam cut outs are a unique way to decorate any and every corner of the party venue! Contrary to popular belief, foam cut outs are not just restricted to children’s parties. They're also a perfect idea for weddings and other special occasions.

Imagine a beautiful heart shaped foam cut out on your wedding with a cute picture of the couple or any other shape or form. It’s easy to set up, remove and also costs much less than regular décor ideas.

Make a statement!

A fun corner with quirky and unique foam cut outs can become the highlight of the party and will instantly attract the attention of every guest. Foam cutouts are light weight, making it possible to put them up in unique and exciting ways where other signage may not be able to reach. Hanging from the ceiling, putting them on walls… or anyplace you can imagine is an easy job!

It’s all about bringing out the creativity to practice. With something as versatile as foam, you can also have different shapes and sizes all over. You don’t need to stick to standard design ideas. You have the possibility to make any idea turn into a beautiful reality.

So if you are planning a party or a special occasion is coming up, pull your socks up and put on your creative hat! Bring in the beauty and uniqueness of foam cut out signage and logos and add that unique and personal touch to your celebration.

Be sure to check out our friends at Foamtastic Party Decor and combine your foam signage with our fabulous flower wall. Contact us at to find out more!

How do you like to add a personal touch to your celebrations?

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