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Give your celebration a personal touch with DIY photo booth props

A happy couple with some DIY photo booth props.

Life is a celebration! Special occasions are significant ways to celebrate the beauty and joy of life.

Every occasion, be it a birthday, wedding, engagement, a promotion party, a festival or any other, is a chance to spend quality time with near and dear ones and make beautiful memories.

A great way of making memories last forever is by taking pictures.

Today with everyone flaunting a smartphone, it’s easy to scroll down through years of countless memories, all stored in one place. But there is something about the vintage printed photographs that never goes out of style.

A picture print somehow manages to bring in more meaning and joy than a digital photo can ever achieve.

As a result, Photo booths continue to be a unique addition to many occasions today. A photo booth is a classic way that brings in the old world charm yet manages to evolve as more and more creativity is brought in.

A fascinating idea to up the fun quotient of your special occasions is to firstly hire a photo booth and more importantly make DIY photo booth props. Depending on the event and the celebration you can come up with your own creative ideas and make accessories suit the occasion.

This not just looks great but also adds a very personal touch to the photos as well as your celebration. Making DIY props is easy, and all you need is that special effort!

Any Ideas?

Browsing through the internet, you can find endless ideas or come up with your own. Here's 3 we've just come up with for a wedding:

  • A crown for a ‘queen bee’

  • A bow tie or a mustache

  • A big, novelty, diamond ring

Just go with the feel and the theme, and you will be surprised by how many prop ideas you can come up with.

All you need is some paper, colours, straws and oodles of creativity and your DIY photo booth props will be the buzz of the party.

It’s a fun element that allows endless opportunities to make some amazing memories that will not only be remembered by you but everyone celebrating with you.

Bring out the creativity and get ready to have some fun!

There's no point in having the props unless you've got a photo booth! Contact us at to get yours!

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