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Said yes and don't know what to do next?Here're 3 beautiful vintage wedding Ideas for summer

vintage wedding ideas for summer

As you're about to find out, Weddings are precious occasions that bring together two lovers ready to start life as one. It’s an occasion that is special for you, as well as your friends and families.

Planning a wedding can be somewhat contradictory at the best of times. On one hand it's exciting, yet on the other it's absolutely exhausting and can drive a wedge between you and your partner to be.

A wedding requires a number of tasks and things to be done, arranged and all put together perfectly for the occasion to be flawless.

While a wedding in any season is beautiful, there’s something extra special about a summer wedding. The warmth of the summer matches the warm emotions and the natural beauty adds to the spectacular occasion that it already is.

A theme wedding is something that requires extra efforts but the end result is all worth it!

A vintage wedding theme is a very popular choice as it brings in the old world charm mixed with beauty and richness!

If you are having a summer wedding, and your heart reaches out to all things vintage, here're 3 vintage wedding ideas for summer time:

  • The Bridal Extravaganza

Let’s start from YOU! A beautiful vintage wedding gown puts you right into the thick of the theme! Vintage gowns are classic and never go out of style.

In fact there are brides who wear their mother’s or grandmother’s gown making it a real vintage and adding to the special emotions attached with the gown.

Also, you could get a vintage inspired hairstyle and vintage jewelry to complete the look perfectly.

  • Wedding Invitations

Instead of the new age, snazzy invitations go for vintage styled invitations. A hand written note in old style envelopes with seals and stamps… perfect way to make your guests get involved in the theme.

  • Décor Drama

The wedding décor in vintage style is probably one of the most charming décor ideas. Laces and goblets, brass ware and books, candles and pearls are all elements one needs to add for that charming vintage feel.

Summer time is naturally beautiful so make sure you bring in the elements of nature and use the beauty of flowers entwined with the theme.

Photo booths are vintage too!

Polaroid cameras and photo booths are another classic vintage element that you could add to your wedding. They'll sit there in the background looking all pretty until they're called upon, and they will be!

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