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Why personality makes the picture and how that can help your business

photo booth

If we ever needed a reason to do what we do, then this would be why. The power that a photo booth can bring is far more than just the print out that comes after. It’s all about getting that personality across.

In the end, that’s what makes the picture. If there’s no personality, then what is it?

There’s no better way than proving this than with an animal shelter in the US utilising the power of a photo booth to get their dogs adopted. What this proves is that it can be a powerful marketing tool for your campaign, whatever that might be that you’re trying to achieve.

In the past, we’ve talked about having a photo booth at your weddings and events, and while there’s certainly no sign of that craze going away anytime soon, all records indicate that there will be a photo booth at every wedding until the end of time (well, most weddings).

There’s more that can be done with the old fashioned photo booth; you’ve just got to think outside the box (or inside it in this case). Companies that find new and invigorating ways to get their message across are the ones that get their just rewards.

The next time you’re face to face with a photo booth, which will most likely be at the next wedding you’re at, think of how it can help add some personality and diversify your marketing campaign.

If you’d like to chat to us about what kind of things you’d like to achieve with a photo booth, then start the conversation at

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