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7 trusted Secret Santa gift ideas for your work colleagues

Well, here we are once again. It's that time of year where every person you engage in conversation with asks where the year has gone.

This rhetoric is especially prominent if you work in an office environment.

You know? The old festive small talk starts happening, "any plans for Christmas?" "doing anything nice?" it can take many forms and can make for many an awkward elevator ride.

Now, there's a reason for so explicitly including a reference about an office environment. You're hit with many a bonding activity this time of year. There's team lunches, team dinners and then the Christmas party.

If all that wasn't overwhelming enough, Secret Santa enters the fold.

As if you haven't got enough presents to buy already. Fate would have it that you've drawn the name of that abrupt old secretary whom you know nothing about.

Our advice? Don't think too hard and don't try to reinvent the wheel. Secret Santa is all about being silly. So buy accordingly!

Here's 7 gift ideas for under $20 that'll put your mind at ease, courtesy of Yellow Octopus.

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