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3 lifesaving Christmas finger food recipes

If you happen to celebrate Christmas day, then you’ll know what a toll it takes on the body. If it’s not all the food, it’s the awkward conversations with extended family in the backyard whilst waiting for the main event.

If it’s your turn to do the catering, then it can be particularly stressful. You don’t want your guests engaging in awkward conversation on an empty stomach do you?

Here at Open Air, we’ve got you covered with 3 finger food recipes that’ll tie your guests over until the much loved Christmas lunch (Click the pictures to see how they’re done!).

  1. Brownie strawberry Santa hats

They look the part and aren't that hard to make. Your guests don't need to know that though!

Christmas finger food recipies

2. Jumbo fish fingers

These not so little but easy Christmas nibbles are and absolute time saver and great fillers.

Christmas finger food recipies

3. Cranberry & brie bites

10 minutes prep and 11 minutes cooking time! When we say easy we mean easy!

Christmas finger food recipies

The trick here is to keep it simple. Watch the portions as you don't want your guests filling themselves up on your delicious snacks before the big feast!

What recipes have saved the day for you in the past?

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